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Polish government creates agency for renewable energy auctions

2015/10/13      view:
Poland’s Ministry of Economy announced the creation of the Renewable Energy Settlement Operator SA (OREO), an agency wholly-owned by the government that will be dedicated to settlement operations concerning electricity generated by power systems installed under the country’s auction mechanism for renewable energy projects. OREO will be responsible for compensating the difference between the FIT price payable to renewable energy installations over 500 kW and the market price. In late September, the Ministry of Economy has issued a proposal to set the cap prices for the renewable energy auctions that will be held in 2016. Poland’s energy regulator ERO has proposed a cap price of 445 PLN ($117.6) per MWh for PV projects over 1 MW and a price of 465 PLN ($122.9) per MWh for PV projects up to 1 MW. According to local solar association Polska PV, the proposed prices are too low to ensure the profitability of most of the PV projects that will compete in the auctions.