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2015 China Solar Target

2015/10/13      view:
China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has raised the 2015 solar target for the second time. According to Reuters, which cites local press agency Xinhua, the Chinese government has increased the target for this year to 21.3 GW. NEA was previously targeting 17.8 GW for 2015. The additional capacity is expected to be installed mostly in Inner Mongolia and Hebei in the north and Xinjiang in the west. Furthermore, the article reports that the country added 7.73 GW of PV power in the first half of this year, which would be only one third of the new target. The NEA had already raised the 2015 solar target from 15 GW to 17.8 GW in March. At the time, EnergyTrend, the research division of Taiwan-based consultancy TrendForce, said that this move would help Chinese solar manufacturers reduce excess capacities and the impact of tariff duties levied by importing countries. Mainland China added 10.6 GW of new solar generation capacity in 2014, according to NEA. This was down from 12.9 GW in 2013 and lower than China’s 2014 target of 14 GW. The 10.6 GW installed in China represents about a quarter of all solar capacity added worldwide in 2014. China’s cumulative installed solar capacity topped 28 GW at the end of last year. The country’s utility-scale solar generation capacity stands at 23.38 GW, while its distributed generation PV systems have a total installed capacity of 4.67 GW.