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Spanish government approves new regulation for self-consumption

2015/10/13      view:
The Spanish government has approved the long-awaited regulation for power systems for self-consumption. The government said that the new legislation will finally support the development of installations for self-consumption in the country and that, simultaneously, it will ensure the safety of the electricity system. The ministry stressed that grid-connected power systems with a power of over 10 kW installed for self-consumption will have to pay a grid fee. According to previous media articles, the amount of the fee, which will be applied to both installed capacity and power production, will range from €8.9 ($10.1) per kW installed to €15.3 depending on the PV system size. The Spanish Association of renewable energy producers and investors (ANPIER) and the solar association UNEF have criticized the new regulation claiming that the grid-fee imposed by the government will represent a serious obstacle for the development of self-consumption in Spain. In July, Spain’s National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) had also criticized the government for proposing the fee. The CNMC said that, although owners of PV systems under self-consumption have to contribute to the grid costs, these should pay a lower amount compared to other power producers. For this reason, the CNMC had proposed that these PV system owners would pay only the fixed costs excluding those depending on electricity consumption. The CNMC stressed that the rates proposed for the fee would represent a disincentive to install a new PV power system for self-consumption.